First joint meeting of IGK 2495 Doctoral researchers

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The first joint meeting of the Doctoral Researchers  participating in the new International Research Training Group GRK 2495 : Energy Conversion Systems took place at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen on January 29, 2020. The Doctoral researchers were welcomed by the spokesperson of the GRK Prof. Kyle Webber who provided lots of information on the concept and structure of the GRK Research Training Group, and emphasized the goal of the program: enabling doctoral researchers to complete their research within three years.

Prof. Webber presenting the Program

The program is characterized by the collaboration with the longterm FAU-partner Nagoya Institute of Technology.  But not only the international aspect is what makes this programm special: The participants will also be able to get a great overview throug collaborating within the 12 projects of 9 different departments all researching on subjects of electro-mechanical and electro-optical energy conversion systems based on lead-free perovskite-based materials.

The doctoral researchers are excited for the program and the upcoming Kick-off meeting with all members of the IRTG, and regular casual meetings in this vein are also planned already.