PI of Project G, Dr Rita Cicconi, provided an invited talk at the SPIE Photonics Europe 2022

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Every other year the photonics community comes together to share and discuss current research, hear the latest breakthroughs, and connect with colleagues at the SPIE Photonics. This years SPIE Photonics Europe was held in person in Strasbourg, France.

The invited talk by Dr. Cicconi from April 4, 2022 regarded the investigation of REE-bearing functional materials based on alkali niobates. Indeed, Project G’s goal is to develop novel glass-ceramics containing lead-free perovskite. Glass-ceramic materials offer the opportunity to combine the advantages of glass production and the optical properties of a chemically stable matrix with the functional properties of piezoelectric/ferroelectric crystals dispersed in it.

The development of these materials will allow an important step forward to realise electro-optical and electro-mechanical coupled systems.