Researcher Highlight

Introduction series of our members

We hope to give a better insight to the program by introducing our PhD students. We asked them about their research and how they became a member of our IRTG:

Project A – Electronic Circuits for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Sensor Array Systems

Project B – Excitation-Conforming, Shape-Adaptive Mechano Electrical Energy Conversion

Project C – Macroscale Continuum Modeling and FE Simulation of Electromechanical Coupling in Perovskite-Based Materials

Project D – Additive Manufacturing of Cellular Lead-Free Ceramics

Project F – Room Temperature Aerosol Deposition of Lead-Free Ferroelectric Films for Energy Conversion Systems

Project E – Lead-Free Perovskite Semiconductors with Tunable Bandgap for Energy Conversion

Project I – Growth of Single Crystal Transition Metal Perovskite Chalcogenides

Project L – Modeling of Defect and Surface Chemistry of Perovskites

…more coming soon!