The international doctoral program IGK 2495 was established in 2019 with our partner institute, the Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, in order to better understand lead-free perovskite materials for electro- optical-mechanical energy conversion systems. Such alternative energy sources will become increasingly vital over the next decades, not only as sources of renewable energy but also for high-tech applications, such as powering unattended wireless sensors. Of particular importance is the improved understanding of multi-length scale phenomena responsible for the energy conversion, development and implementation of state-of-the-art lead-free perovskite materials, novel 2D and 3D processing techniques, and integration into devices. Various synthesis, manufacturing, and experimental techniques will be utilized and coupled to cutting edge simulations, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

The 5th International Conference on Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE5) was held hybrid from 7th – 9th of December 2020. Kicked off with a short greeting by Prof. Brabec, the NGSE5 could welcome an average of ca. 210 participants - this was the best attended NGSE so far!     12 T...