Qualification Program

The GRK2495 qualification program has been developed to offer educational opportunities with a range of breadth and depth that are designed to match the doctoral researchers’ evolving needs during their projects. The various planned activities are ring lectures, an invited lecture series, tutorials, hands-on workshops, and block lectures.

There are two important aspects that this qualification program is designed to accomplish: (i) offer a range of educational activities that will provide the doctoral researchers with an overview of electro-mechanical-optical coupling, materials and device development, and cutting edge simulation methods as well as more in-depth training on specific areas of importance to their individual projects and (ii) provide doctoral researchers with timely information, i.e., educational activities are offered in a sequence that will match their current needs throughout their projects. It is, therefore, expected that this qualification programme will both enhance the overall education of doctoral researchers as well as increase their time to completion.

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