Participation of Project D in the International Conference on Cellular Materials (CellMAT)

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CellMAT is the International Conference on Cellular Materials, established in 2010 and held every two years, where the latest findings in the field of production, characterisation, simulation and application – regardless of the material classes – are presented and discussed among representatives from industry and renowned scientists. Dr. Tobias Fey, who is the PI of Project D, assumes the role of co-chair.

At this years conference (Oct 7th-9th), the research topic of Project D was presented by David Köllner with his lecture on „Cellular structures with modified strut properties by replicating a 3D printed polymer“, and by Dr. Fey’s lecture on  “Novel modular ceramic building blocks / polymer composites based on a near net shape process: manufacturing, characterisation and application“. David Köllner showed a new method of producing cellular ceramics by combining the conventional replica process with additive manufacturing.  By introducing well-ordered structures (unit cells) instead of stochastic distributed cells of foams, the mechanical properties have been improved significantly. For future perspectives, the developed coating process can also be applied on piezoelectric materials in order to generate cellular piezoelectric structures with well-defined unit cells. Those results will play a major role in Project D “Additive Manufacturing of Cellular Lead-Free Ceramics”, to investigate structural influences on the piezoelectric properties.