Researcher Highlight – Andreas Hegendörfer from Project C

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Andreas Hegendörfer
This is the second part of the Researcher Highlight Series. This time we would like to introduce the second PhD student at the LTM Andreas Hegendörfer from the Institute of Applied Mechanics. He is working in Project C – Macroscale Continuum Modeling and FE Simulation of Electromechanical Coupling in Perovskite-Based Materials.

 What motivated you to apply for the IRTG?

The IRTG is very interdisciplinary and the scientific area promises a great future. Moreover, the international orientation of the IRTG contributed to my motivation to apply for a PHD position. Due to the close cooperation with Japan the IRTG is not restricted to sharpen professional skills but also facilitates both, intercultural competence as well as personal development.

 Tell us a little about your current research for the IRTG.

I simulate energy harvesters. An energy harvester is a combined device that consists of an electromechanical structure along with an energy extraction circuit, influencing each other. The challenge is to combine the  simulations of the electric circuit and the structure. I developed a novel approach that can consider arbitrary structures and nonlinear electric circuits. Furthermore, ferroelectric materials show highly nonlinear behavior. I am concerned with the simulation of those materials, too.

In general, simulations are a valuable tool as they increase the understanding of the problem. When it comes to the development of devices, simulations reduce experimental effort, resulting in a reduction of both, costs and time. In my special case my simulations allow for rapid development of energy harvesters and extend the application range of those.

 What are your plans/goals after graduation?

I do not know yet. Maybe stay at the university, maybe switch to industry.

 What are you looking forward to after the pandemic?

A huge part of the IRTG is the cooperation with Japan. So obviously a trip to Japan would be nice after the pandemic. Until then, Gabriel (Project B) and I will prepare for Japan with eating sushi.