Japanese General Consul visited us at our renewal review

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from right to left: Director-General of NITech Mr. Miyakawa, FAU Spokesperson Prof. Webber, NITech Spokesperson Prof. Kakimoto, Consul Mr. Besshou, FAU president, FAU dean of the Faculty of Engineering, FAU Dean of the Natural Faculty, FAU chancelor (Bild: FAU/Boris Mijat)

Mr. Kenichi Besshou, the Japanese General Consul, supported us and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) at our DFG Renewal Review. By visiting us he clearly stated how important research done between FAU and Nagoya Institute of Technology (already for over 15 years now) and especially research in the field of energy conversion systems is.

It was a pleasure to welcome Mr. Besshou as well as vice consul Mr. Ishizaki at our review at Heinrich-Lades-Halle in Erlangen.