Yuta Yamamoto and Ismail Haque succesfully defend doctoral thesis

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Yuta Yamamoto with his PI Prof. Hayashi

We congratulate Dr. Yuta Yamamoto from Project H for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation titled “Local structure analyses of perovskite materials using atomic resolution holography” on 26th March 2022. He has worked on the development of atomic resolution holography and its applications to ferroelectric perovskite materials under the supervision of Prof. Koichi Hayashi, Nagoya Institute of Technology. He successfully determined the local arrangement of anions in a ferroelectric oxynitride thin film. In addition, he estimated the local structures around dopants in barium titanate based perovskites and obtained clues to develop new lead-free ferroelectrics. This achievement was reached by the great supports by Prof. Kyle Webber and Prof. Ken-ichi Kakimoto. He completed the dissertation with a remarkable defense and received the best possible grades. Yuta’s PhD work will be published online via NITech’s PhD database.


Md Ismail Haque


Furthermore, we congrulate Dr. Md Ismail Haque from Project A who successfully who defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Study on Wireless Transmission from In-body to On-body and On-body to Off-body for Healthcare Purpose in an Aging Society” and got his Doctor of Engineering degree on March 26th, 2022, from Nagoya Institute of Technology. His doctoral dissertation is composed of three parts: (1) In-body-to-on body propagation characteristic analysis in human body communication band for bio-signal transmission; (2) Shoe-mounted directional antenna design for a monitoring system using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon to detect wanderer location identification; and (3) Investigation of using piezoelectric materials as energy harvester to power BLE beacon mounted on shoes. The content of this dissertation has been published as two journal papers, and has been judged to be worth the award of a Doctor of Engineering degree.





Both of them started in the JGGE-IRTG program already in March 2019 due to different semester periods in the Japanese system.