Collaborative Project

One of the exciting areas in the IRTG is the potential coupling of the electro-optical and electro-mechanical phenomena to develop a diverse energy harvesting system. In addition to interdisciplinary research projects, this will also be directly addressed through an IRTG competition, where 4 groups of doctoral researchers, consisting of both German and Japanese doctoral researchers, will work collaboratively over the course of the two years to develop a concept to address the scientific question.

Coupling both phenomena (electro-optical and electromechanical) into one system

This topic is open enough that it can entail materials development, device integration development, simulations, and structure development; the only limitation is imagination. A project manager of each team is responsible for organization, preparing the team proposal etc. The scientific question was presented at the Kick-off meeting. Afterwards all 4 teams had to submit a  proposal explaining their research idea, proposed methods, a time plan and a financial justification for the requested funds. After reviewing the proposal reviews, PIs gave feedback to the teams which then presented their progress at the halfway point. At the yearly school, teams jointly present their final results. This friendly internal competition is judged on originality, feasibility, and scientific rigor.



  1.  26th Feb 2020 – Start of the 2-year-collaborative project
  2.  10th Apr 2020 – Proposal Submission
  3.  7th Oct 2020   – Progress Report Presentations
  4.  3rd Mar 2021  – Final Presentations on the first year
  5.  7th May 2021  – Renewal Proposal Submission