FAU-NITech Lecture Series

The modules of this lecture series each consists of a course held by one Japanese Principal Investigator and a German Principal Investigator. The size of the module (5 ETCS) fits seamlessly into the academic programs at FAU and MSc Students are encouraged to join the lecture.

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Introduction to atomistic and mesoscale modeling

  • Electro-Mechanical Modelling (Prof. Paul Steinmann)
  • Simultation for Nano-Technology (Prof. Shuji Ogata)

Introduction to lead-free perovskite ferroelectrics for electro-mechanical systems

  • Mechanical Properties of Ferroelectrics (Prof. Kyle G. Webber)
  • Piezoelectric Properties of Lead-Free Ferroelectrics (Prof. Ken-ichi Kakimoto)

Materials and devices for opto-electric and energy technologies

  • Seminar on the basis of the Int. Conference on Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE5) (Prof. Christoph Brabec)
  • Electronic Materials Analysis (Prof. Masashi Kato)

Processing of functional ceramics and ceramic structures

Electrochemistry and growth of single crystal wide band gap semi-conductors

Synthesis and optical properties of solution processed ferroelectric perovskites

Nanostructured surfaces

Registration through meincampus or studon.fau.de for WS 21/22

Advanced structural characterization techniques

Communication systems design

Advanced modeling techniques for mechano-electrical systems

Bridging length scales in computational modeling