Tutorials and Hands-on Workshops

Due to the pandemic, the workshops cannot be as hands-on as planned. However, each team tries to create a hands-on experience. Also the schedule has to be adjusted. The tutorials and workshops will not be presented at the Yearly School 2021 and 2022, but monthly in 2021.

Tutorials – PIs will hold short-courses on various specific topics of importance to energy systems, e.g., materials development and processing, material properties, characterization techniques, devices, computational tools, etc. These tutorials are a compact way of offering training on interesting, important aspects of the IRTG. The tutorials will differ from lectures in that they will focus on a more specific topic or method in a compact form. Importantly, these tutorials will be directly coupled to complementary hands-on training workshops, which will support the tutorial by giving doctoral researchers hands-on experience on the same topic. The tutorials will be categorized into synthesis, characterization, devices, and simulations, which mirrors the major categories of the IRTG projects.

Hands-On Workshop – Hands-on workshops will be offered in conjunction with tutorials, where participants can directly use what was learned in the tutorial and gain hands-on experience with, e.g., materials processing and synthesis, experimental characterization techniques available at the respective institutes, or simulations methods. The goal is to help doctoral researchers gain access to techniques and methods that they might not have known before, or give them tools to better understand and more critically analysis what they read in the literature.These workshops will be organized and held by doctoral researchers of the host institute and supervised by the PI responsible for the corresponding tutorial.

Schedule 2020-2021

If you are interested in watching one of the tutorials and workshops, please contact Julia Berger and she will give you access.