NGSE5 was a full success!

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The 5th International Conference on Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE5) was held hybrid from 7th – 9th of December 2020. Kicked off with a short greeting by Prof. Brabec, the NGSE5 could welcome an average of ca. 210 participants – this was the best attended NGSE so far!



12 Tutorials and 3 sessions on „Hot topics“ were presented there.


For example, Prof. Alex K.-Y. Jen from the City University of Hongkong is a pioneer in the design of Donor-Acceptor Molecules which helped pushing OPV efficiencies in the past few years. In his tutorial he gave an introduction into materials design & engineering for emerging PV technologies. In his Session Prof. Jen showed first device data for an OPV cell with an initial efficiency of 19.05% (certified at 17.45%)! According to Prof. Jen 20% is within reach!




Prof. David Mitzi from Duke University showed a detailed review of the Perovskite structure, its properties and means of manipulating them by changing the composition and manufacturing methods. With his detailed investigations Prof. Mitzi shows the amazing spectrum of properties that can be imprinted and engineered in this astonishing family of compounds.




A lot more information on the program can be found on the official NGSE website!