Researcher Highlight – David Köllner from Project D

We are continuing the Researcher Highlight Series with David Köllner from Project D – Additive Manufacturing of Cellular Lead-Free Ceramics. He is working at the Institute of Glass and Ceramics.

What is the topic of your work ?

My work is on cellular ceramics or lattices that change the properties depending on the geometry and we are trying to determine which parameters affect the properties and how. For example, if I change the angle of the lattice, how does my strength change or the potential to generate energy. A highlight is that we are trying to predict the fracture behavior of these lattices by correlating different methods like digital image correlation and polarimetry.

Why did you decide to continue your studies by a PhD ?

My childhood dream was always to become a researcher, so of course only university and a PhD were an option for me, and the IRTG is of course the perfect setting for this, as it is also interdisciplinary and international!

What is the most handy utensil or equipment for your research or at your work place ?

Definitely the 3D printer. With it, I can produce flexible negative molds for my ceramic injection molding and can quickly test many different geometries and also make corrections.

What are your plans after graduation ?

Immediately afterwards, I don’t know. But I could well imagine staying in research for some time if the opportunity arises. In the near future, however, I will return to the Fichtelgebierge, which has a great tradition for ceramics.