Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Structures, and 3D-printing of Complex Kagome Structure

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As part of the adjusted IRTG Qualification Program 2021, Tutorials and Hands-on Workshops are presented monthly, online. The fourth workshop of this series was held by David Köllner and his Principle Investigator  Dr. Tobias Fey from Project D.

Project D is interested in lattice structures with variable Poisson’s ratio, especially auxetic lattices that contract under compressive loading. In particular, this work investigates the influence of Poisson’s ratio on piezoelectric properties. The doctoral researcher of this project, David Köllner, has recently received the IRTG Young Researcher Award in the category “Highest Impact” at our Yearly School 2021!

In the tutorial, Dr. Fey presented a brief review of ceramic component manufacturing, following by an explanation of the most important process parameters. He also discussed the most important additive manufacturing processes for ceramics. During the workshop, both presented the process steps from model formation to the ceramic component. First, a 3D model was created and sliced together with the participants using a CAD program. The further process steps such as 3D printing and ceramic injection molding were then presented and discussed.


If you are interested in one of the tutorial and hands-on workshops, please contact IRTG-Coordinator Julia Berger. She can give you access to the recorded material.